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There is a saying that "once you get Florida sand in your shoes, you will always return".

Well, up to a point.

If you can't find a rental car to get around in, the sand in your shoes will be just plain irritating. We can make sure you do want to return. Just go to our car rental in Florida page and we'll cool the sand between your toes, from there.

Florida . . . aaah! The very name conjures up images of flourishing palm trees, warm, steamy waters. White sandy beaches are spread miles after miles . . . after miles after miles, and far too many miles to even dream of walking. So, use our booking form and book a car, now, before you have to traipse all over Florida looking for one!

Once the wheels are organised, sun worshippers can bask from first light till sundown, shop-a-holics can splash out to their hearts' content in vast shopping malls and factory outlet stores. There are sophisticated cities and secluded islands, stylish seaside towns and subtropical hideaways . . . and guess what? You can't get to any of it without a car!

So jump in the rented automobile, and head off to Orlando to experience the magic of Disney. Car, Florida, sun, money, Mickey Mouse, and you have all the ingredients for one of the best holidays you have ever spent.

bizarre facts

  • The name Florida comes from the landing at present day St Augustine by Juan Ponce de Leˇn, in 1513, on the Easter festival the Spaniards celebrate as "Pascua de Florida", or 'festival of the flowers'. He was looking for the "Fountain of Youth", which he could'nt find, probably because he didn't have a hire car. This may also explain his early demise; his presence wasn't particularly rosy for the local Indians and, in 1521, he was pursued by a lot of very angry ones, with no way to outrun their arrows.

  • Orange County was originally called Mosquito County. The name was changed in 1845 when Florida became a State. The mosquitoes didn't notice.

  • The Sahara Desert and Florida straddle the same latitude. Ill found humour had been known to arise when this fact is mentioned in impolite society.

  • 65,000 gallons of water are released and recycled every six minutes in Universal Studios. The same ill found humour is prompted by this factoid.

  • Legally, Walt Disney World has the status of a self-governing municipality. It builds and maintains its own roads, runs its own power supply and operates its own security force. Just a "mickey mouse" little burg, really!



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